Libary - Friends of Putnoe Wood and Mowsbury Hillfort

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Mowsbury Hillfort
Higher Level Stewardship
and  Friends Vision overview 2016
Hillfort tasks 2017 to 2018
as per HLS agreement.pdf
HLS Vision review 2017

The Friends Vision
Management Plan
Mowsbury Hillfort
Marketing Strategy
Iron age pottery
from Mowsbury
G J Dring

Notes for Dappled Shade Habitat

Mowsbury Hillfort

Albion Archaeology’s
Tour of Mowsbury Hillfort

Mowsbury Hillfort
Arial Photographs and maps.
Mossbury by
Beauchamp Wadmore

Mr G R Dring
BAJ Extracts Mowsbury Hillfort.

Bedford Borough Council Monument Full Report.
HER Entry

HLS  Works specifications.
Password required.

Bedford Borough Council Monument Full Report.
Mowsbury HER Map

Wildlife Trust.
Survey 2013
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HLS Agreement.
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Restoring FruitTrees
Fruit Tree Pruning Basics

Fruit Tree Pruning Guide

EEAOP Bedfordshire
Fruit Types

Brickmaking in Beds.

Natural England
Indicators for grassland enhancement

Bedfordshire Natural
History SocietyDigital Journals

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