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Sharpenhoe Clappers. Promontory fort.

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A promontory fort of about 9 acres, now covered by a beechwood. At the South end a bank of earth still 10ft high in places, but broken in the middle, runs across the neck of the hill. A promontory settlement centred at TL 06653020 on a commanding chalk spur occupied by Sharpenhoe Clappers (a beech wood). The settlement is defended by a chalk rampart across the neck of the spur on the South side, and elswhere by steep natural slopes, thereby enclosing on area about 230.0m N-S by 130.0m E-W. the rampart is 150.0m long, 12.0m average width and survives to 2.7m maximum height externally and 1.3m internally. Its central portion has been mutilated by quarrying.
Outside the rampart is an omorphous depression about 15.0m wide and 1.0m deep, which appears largely natural, and accentuated by a plough headland and recent terracing. In its present state it cannot be identified as the remains of a ditch contemporary with the rampart.
No trace of occupation was found within the enclosure.

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