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Craddocks Camp, Heath & Reach.

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It is possible that an Iron Age enclosure once occupied a thirty acre area known as Craddock's Camp, on what is now largely Leighton Buzzard Golf Club land. James Dyer reported in Bedfordshire Archaeology Volume 2 of 1959 (pages 32 to 33) that it was referred to in 19th century literature but had long since been destroyed and that the only real evidence came from The Victoria County History for Bedfordshire of 1912. The VCH article described that site as resembling Maiden Bower near Dunstable but it had been destroyed around 1790. A sand pit (south of the modern Abbey Walk) was later dug north of the site and James Dyer considered that this probably lay on the old road from Reach to Leighton Buzzard known as Craddock's Lane.

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